Really Easy Invoicing Template (Free Version)


An Excel template setup to simplify invoicing and record keeping. No bells or whistles, creating online accounts or paying a subscription: just plain ol’ Excel and some smart but simple invoice layouts.

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This is the free version of the Really Easy Invoicing Template.

This invoice template enables small businesses and sole traders to quickly and easy customise their invoice layout with their business name, address, contact and registration information, and generate invoices, for printing and sending to customers.

The template also enables business owners to track payment, report on invoicing totals (sent) vs. payments received, which will save accountancy time.

There’s no need to worry about making mistakes because you can only enter information that is needed for each individual formatting.

All your invoices will look the same! No need to mess around in Excel making changes.

Compatible with Microsoft Excel and any application that can open .xls formatted files.

Full instructions are provided in the blog post, Really Easy Invoicing Template Instructions.