Move MySQL Database Files between XAMPP Installations

I recently had the (dis)pleasure of having to reinstall my laptop. Of course this happened when I had a deadline. Then, when I found I was unable to access the web development project files I needed due to an error with the XAMPP installation of Apache, I was facing a lost afternoon. The question was, how to migrate my PHP database from one installation of XAMPP to another while unable to open PHPMyAdmin and export them? Luckily, the answer was simple.

To do this:

Move MySQL Databases from one version of XAMPP to another

Download and install XAMPP.

Verify the Installation

Run Apache and MySQL and check that both are working, then Stop both processes.

Copy the database files from the old to the new installation

In the new version of XAMPP, delete the folder ..mysql/data (I usually just rename it by adding the prefix “z” so that I don’t have to go hunting for the files if I need to replace them.)Copy the entire data folder from the old XAMPP installation folder to the new one.

Start Apache and MySQL and check your files

Start both applications then check for your database names int he list of databases in PHPMyAdmin.Then check your websites at //localhost/yourwebsiteaddress

That’s it! It was one of those jobs that I thought would be a massive headache but turned out relatively simple and – more importantly – fast!

Now, back to work…

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