How to Easily Translate your Word and PDF Documents using Google Translate

Google Translate has it’s good and bad points: as translation tools go it’s not perfect but it is very convenient. One of the little-known features of Google Translate is that, in addition to translating web pages or blocks of text, it can also be used to translate your text and PDF documents.

To translate your documents:

  1. Open the Google Translate web page and click on Documents (this link takes you straight to the Documents tab.)
  1. Click the Browse your computer button and find the file you want to translate then click Open. Your document will appear as in the screenshot below.
  1. Click the Translate button – then wait. After a short time a new window containing the translated document will open. That’s it!

This is such a simple tool to use but how many of us know about it? You can use it for many standard text-based document formats, including Word (doc and docx), Open Office (odf), PDF, PowerPoint (ppt and pptx), Excel (xls and xlsx), Postscript (PS), and Rich Text Format (rtf), which should cover most bases.

Have you used Google Translate for your documents? How helpful was it? Are there other better tools out there that you would recommend. Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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