Fixing a Page Title Background Image that Won’t Update

I recently launched a website for a client. During pre-launch some quirky and irregular behaviour that I’d hoped was just a consequence of my development environment failed to resolved. The problem? I had set different background images on each page, but they weren’t updating. So the Weddings page showed up correctly but then I’d click through to the Events page and that would show the image from the Weddings page. I’d Shift+F5 to refresh and it would show the right image – sometimes. Then I’d click through to the next page and, well, you can guess the rest. Not a good look on a new client’s site!

If this is happening to, here’s how to first set a unique image on a page-by-page basis, then how to fix (or avoid) the issue.

Setting a Page Title Background in Ocean WP

For this you need to be using the Ocean WP template with the Ocean Extra extensions. This gives you the ability to apply many of the settings from the main template on a page-by-page basis.

First, open the page to edit. The scroll down to the very bottom of the page and you should see a panel that looks like this:

You are trying to add a background image to the page title area, so scroll down and then click on Title.

Here you can override any template defaults (set via the Customizer) and change the settings. What we’re doing is changing the Title Style, so scroll down then select Background Image from the list.

This opens up a new area with various options.

There’s a lot you can do here but for now let’s just add an image, so click on Add Image and either upload a new image or pick one from the media library.

With that done, Update (or Publish) the page to save the changes and your page title should now be displayed.

The top of my page now looks like this:

Chateau Terre Blanche page header with logo, menu, and background image.


Except, this can be when the trouble starts. Do this on more than one page and you might notice a problem when you switch between pages. If this is happening to you, here’s how to fix it.

First, open the Customizer. Then scroll down to General Styling.

Click the WP Head option, then Publish the changes. That’s it.

Now check your site again.

The issue with the background images should be resolved.

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