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Do you need help to build a website for your business?

If you need to build a website but have never made one before, it can be a daunting task and easy to put off. Often you’ll get quotes back from web developers for high prices and still not really understand what is is you’re buying. Nowadays though, with new site builder tools like WordPress, unless you are looking for something totally bespoke, there’s really no need to be paying expensive developer fees. There are so many templates, free or for a small fee, and many add-ons, if you want to give the DIY route a go, you can do pretty much everything you need using standard designs and layouts.

Many of my clients have great design skills and a clear idea of what they want. However, they struggle with the technical side of building and managing their website or blog. That is where I come in.

If you want go DIY with your website but don’t know where to start, you need a one-to-one web builder session.

A starter package to get you off the ground

For 160 euros, you’ll get:

  • One year of website hosting (normal price 120 euros).
  • A full WordPress installation.
  • Four hours of one-to-one training and support. This can be can be onsite or remote – or a combination of both, however works best for you.

A typical web builder support session would cover:

  • Logging in.
  • Introduction to the WordPress interface.
  • Choosing an installing a template.
  • Customising your template with your business name, logo, and images.
  • Setting up menus
  • Adding a page
  • Creating a blog post
  • Understanding tags and categories
  • Managing your media files
  • Using plugins
  • Backing up your site

The only other cost to you is the domain registration, which is usually between 5 and 20 euros, depending on the type of domain you want (for example, a .coms is usually more expensive than

At the end of all this you’ll have your business site online, with your first page or pages of content, a contact form, and a business email account (which is included in your hosting package) – ready to go.

You’ll know how to choose and customise a template, create new pages and blog posts, add and resize images, find and install new plugins, and keep your site backed up.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch and let’s start building!